A Love Born from Adoption

“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me.” Matthew 18:5

The love born from adoption goes both ways. It didn’t take me long to see that. The minute I laid eyes on my daughter Faith, I knew that her birth mom loved her as much as I did, and always would. And when I saw this scripture passage from Matthew 18:5, I also knew it wasn’t just in my “receiving” my daughter that God was delighted, but he also was overjoyed with Faith’s birth mom’s sacrifice. I can’t imagine the ache she had in heart in making the decision, and how her life forever changed that day, as did mine. I also realized that when God calls a woman to adoption and to give of herself, he’s calling both the adoptive mother and the birth mother to accept his blessings through the adoption. For this reason, I wrote to Faith’s birth mom—really all birth mothers—who make the very painful, but love-filled sacrifice for a child.

Two Moms, One Heart

You were there. I was here.
But we held one thing so dear.
A baby. A life. A child ready to grow.
I was waiting with open arms, while you had to let go.

She was small with dark brown eyes.
She grieved for you with endless cries.
I tried to comfort and rock her to sleep—
Knowing that in her, you—she will always keep.
Does she look just like you? Does she have your nose?
Somehow you will be with her wherever she goes.

Now that she’s a little girl,
She asks me about her other world.
Did my birth mother love me? Where did she go?
How do I tell her, of only one do I know?

I say that you love her with all your heart
And by choosing a birth plan, you gave her a start.
She ponders more questions about you each day.
Was my birth mother sick, poor or just gave me away?

Again, I look into those sweet brown eyes
And tell her something that she finds of great surprise—

Whether she was sick or poor or too young to know.
She gave up everything to let you go.
Your birth mom made a sacrifice bigger than the moon.
She knew you’d have the best of lives if she did it very soon.

So on the day you were born she saw your beautiful face—
And understood what she was doing would be your saving grace.
With tears flowing from her eyes.
She kissed you and said her last goodbyes.

I told my little girl that day what I knew to be true.
That you really loved her as much as I do.

I am here. You are there.
But one final thought I’d like to share.
Thank you for having wisdom—that one shining pearl.
That made me mom to one very special girl.

Enjoy every moment!