Good Things

IMG_4942He fills my life with good things, so that I stay young and strong like an eagle. Psalm 103:5

When I visited Alaska for two weeks, God displayed his blessings and love for me in so many ways. I knew that all of these “good things” were from the one true God. Though each part of nature I witnessed in Alaska, as told below in Alaska Beckons, is miraculous on its own, together they speak of God’s amazing glory!

Alaska Beckons
Waterfalls rush
Whales breach
Eagles soar
Sea lions play
Puffins dive
Red squirrels scamper
Moose meander
Ravens caw
Seas shimmer
Glaciers thunder
Alaska beckons

One comment

  1. The abundance of natural beauty in Alaska is truly a blessing from God. And I have to say that we all need to pray that mankind will respect and preserve this amazing planet.


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